ACE offers a wide range of services in Riga warehouse.


What does warehousing service include?

  • receipt of goods, checking the conformity between the amount and condition;
  • entering  received goods data into the warehouse database;
  • placing of goods in the warehouse and storage;
  • completion of consignments according to the customer order;
  • labeling of goods (barcode labels, instructions, etc.);
  • value-added services to the goods (preparations for sale, packaging, testing, etc.);
  • handover or delivery of goods to the end user;
  • provision of reports and reviews (warehouse inventory, stock, movements in storage, etc.)
  • The list with the activities is not complete, and depends on the needs of each customer.


What are the advantages for using storage services?

  • Customer is released from routine questions and problems with storage of goods;
  • Warehousing expenses are depend directly on the amount of stored goods and fulfilled work – easy and simple control, fixed costs become variable costs
  • The warehouse facilities, buildings and human capital is released;
  • Customer can focus solely on their core business;
  • The quality of work is assured because the liability of the warehouse operator is determined in the contract between the parties;
  • Total storage costs will decrease


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