Cookie policy

As many other websites, ACE websites use cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored on visitor’s device that contains information that is used to improve the user experience on the website.

Following types of cookies are used on ACE websites:

Session cookies are temporary and will disappear when visitor leaves the website. Those are required to provide specific website functions and services.

Persistent cookies are files, that remain permanently on visitor’s device. They are used to recognize a returning visitor and adapt website to visitor’s preferences (i.e. site language). Visitor always can manually delete persistent cookies from the device.

Cookies also help us to collect statistical data for further analysis and website improvement. We use third-party cookies, for example created by Google.

Proceeding to use ACE websites while your web browser is set to accept cookies, is taken as a consent to ACE cookie policy. Without acceptance of cookies, we cannot guarantee all website functionality to work as intended.

If a visitor does not want to accept cookies from our website, he or she can set web browser security settings to disable cookies. Guidelines for altering browser settings are provided in documentation for corresponding web browser.

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