The impact of Coronavirus to ACE Logistics and the movement of goods


Due to the extensive effect of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Europe and the rest of the world, ACE will share operational information starting from March, 18th until the situation has stabilized. We try to keep our customers updated on how the situation affects our works and the movement of goods.


For information!

The situation at the borders has stabilized. Drivers report that waiting time has dropped to one hour. Therefore, we plan that the movement of goods will be restored and the delivery of goods will be on time.
We will continue to inform and remind you that many countries and regions have restrictions on the receipt or delivery of goods.

Remember before you place an order – check with the shipper / receiver about their working hours and their ability to accept shipments.


From our partner – DACHSER report.

Dear Sir or Madam,

The situation in the network is stable and all Road branches are operational.

Obstacles to delivery have increased in the areas that have led to the closure of certain businesses, notably France, Italy, Austria and Spain. In France in particular, public life has been suspended in many areas.

Please bear in mind that a closure to the public does not necessarily mean the closure of the goods receiving department. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the goods receiving department continues to operate despite shop closures.  – It is almost impossible to get an exact picture of the actual open or closed goods receiving area.

This previous paragraph does not apply to France and Spain, there are currently no known cases where the goods receiving department is open differently.

Senders are to be taken in the duty to check before delivery whether the recipient can also accept the goods! The risk of undeliverability cannot be borne by DACHSER.

As a result, international traffic can only reach the branches in Poland and Hungary with considerable delays and transit times are exceeded.

Thank you for your understanding.



Due to the emergency situation in Latvia and the possible delays in various shipments, invoices and delivery documents will be sent only electronically.
We will send you originals of the documents as needed as soon as shipments are resumed on time and the emergency will be over.

We appreciate your understanding.



Groupage import and export trucks to and from Central Europe are currently moving on a free schedule. In addition to Kalvarija, the Lazdijai border crossing point was opened at the LT / PL border, but queues are still over 15-20 km long and waiting times are unpredictable. Queues at the DE / PL border crossing points continue to be long. All groupage shipments are expected to have lead time at least 2-3 business days longer. Longer delivery times must be considered also for FTL / LTL shipments.

Starting March 18, due to closing borders in Finland Tallink will change the traffic of the Shuttle vessels between Tallinn and Helsinki, which will also affect the ACE Logistics Finland linehauls. Trucks are currently moving on free schedule and delivery times are expected to increase by 1-2 working days. The Baltic and Scandinavian shipments are currently moving without significant delays.

If you have more precise info regarding LT/PL border waiting times etc then please let us know!


Road transport
Export loads will be delayed because there is a queue of about 50km at the LT / PL borders. The current waiting time at the border is around 20 hours, which means a transit time delay for all groupage shipments to Europe. The delay could be 1-2 business days. There will also be delays in FTL / LTL shipments for Import Trucks from PL. Trucks from DE also have to wait at the LT / PL border. The current waiting time at the border is approximately 10 hours, which means that the transit time is delayed by at least 1 working day. There will also be delays in FTL / LTL shipments.
Groupage cargo and LTL / FTL traffic in the Baltic States, Finland and Scandinavia are currently moving without significant delay.

Air transport
Air Baltic, Finnair, SAS and Aeroflot have announced cancellations. Lufthansa and Turkish Airways are still active.
So far, the number of flights canceled or reduced in all regions has been most affected. Cargo space reduction increases demand processing time, transport costs and extends delivery time. Air transport opportunities are increasingly limited and more expensive.

Sea transport
Transport options are hampered because canceled and reduced shipping schedules lead to a shortage of empty containers and increase transport costs, but mainly delay shipping.

Rail transport
To date, the closure of Chinese production areas and domestic transport have been the main driver, but the ACE rail transport solution is upward and may become a good alternative to expensive and limited air transport as well as unpredictable maritime transport.


We strongly recommend that you contact us if you have any questions about our transportation!
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Air, sea and rail transport: and
We would like to remind you that at the moment we are able to provide all types of transportation!

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